Naturally well  Natural and holistic Our bodies respond to stimulus all the time.  We create patterns and habits, some useful at the time, and others outdated that may begin to cause discomfort or knock-on effects. Our body’s patterns may be physical, mental or emotional.  They can prevent us from spiritual development; a deepening awareness of ourself and our place within the whole. Symptoms (mental, emotional and        physical), are evidence to understand the body’s patterns and how it maybe out of balance.  Since ‘like can cure like’, Homeopathic remedies are carefully chosen to stimulate the body to re-balance itself as a whole system.   This usually also involves a deepening awareness of ourselves and the world in which we live. Registered with the Society of Homeopaths   Rebecca Maunder Qualified Homeopath RSHom  Naturally well   naturally well  Individual substances can impact upon us in unique ways, from the sensations they can cause to the affinities they have with body organs or systems. All substances have unique vibrational resonances.