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I have always been interested in science and nature and discovering more about the cycles and patterns that surround us and sustain life.


I am passionate about healthy and sustainable living and I hope to be able to empower others in their own understanding and use of homeopathy.


Qualifications and experience


• 4-year course at the North West College of Homeopathy including anatomy and physiology and clinical experience.

• Personal and professional development with regular supervision, seminars and study groups.

• Work with the Travelling Homeopaths Collective.

• Volunteered with the Women’s Wellness Centre in Wakefield.

• Registered Member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, abiding by their code of ethics and practice.

• Previous experience includes BSc Geography Degree (studying social and physical environments); running an educational project for young offenders; facilitating anxiety groups using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

My story

I was introduced to homeopathy by a friend.  I had been learning about the balance of bacteria in the gut and made some dietary changes for all my family.

So when my youngest child had a reaction to a laurel bush, and his upper lip swelled to restrict breathing through his nose, I didn’t want to go straight to the antibiotics prescribed.  

I contacted a friend who had just started studying homeopathy and she gave apis mel 30c which began to reduce the swelling.  With my lack of understanding and enthusiasm I gave more, thinking while it is working I should keep giving it.  I gave too much and it  then worsened.  On stopping giving the remedy, the swelling quickly reduced and was soon gone completely. 

So I was intrigued.  What was homeopathy and how did it work? 

Previously I had been very sceptical as all I had read and watched gave a common view that without material dose, there could be no effect except placebo.  But I soon learnt that this didn't take into account all the ongoing and amazing studies and research into homeopathy.


I was gifted a book, 'The Companion Guide to Homeopathy’ by Colin Griffiths.   This really opened my mind, and I wondered how and why I didn't know any of what I was now learning which made so much sense and connected everything in life!

Since 2012 I have continued to learn about homeopathy and used it for myself and family for a wide range of issues, alongside my professional practice to help make this healing system more widely available.

Empowering health views I learned

- symptoms of illness are useful indicators of what we need to address and can highlight underlying imbalances we have

- if we seek to get rid of symptoms without addressing underlying causes, the dis-ease can become expressed at a deeper level – for example medicated eczema can lead to respiratory problems where there is an underlying susceptibility to asthma, but the eczema has ‘gone’

- every person has a unique set of traits from genetic inheritance and life experiences; so we each need an individual tailored response to healing

- our body has an amazing self-regulation system, we can learn to understand it and stimulate it to heal itself

- health is more than a physical body and the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are all interlinked not separate from the physical body – we have our own ecosystem responding to everything in life

- we are all part of the earth ecosystem and in many ways (physically, mentally and emotionally) we reflect the health and wellbeing of our environments and planet

- what I eat and drink, any medicines I take (including antibiotics, painkillers, hormone pills…), my chemical intake  (food, drinks, skincare, household and garden products, pollution), how I communicate, what I learn all impacts upon my ecosystem – and I have an individual tolerance threshold and individual susceptibilities

- by looking at illness throughout the ages we can identify how and why certain diseases occurred and discover how to understand and respond to remnants of old diseases plus disease forms prevalent today

- diseases pass traits (physical, mental and emotional) down generations and we can heal genetic susceptibility to these, and heal past ancestral traumas so that we do not pass them on to the next generation


Homeopathy is an amazing tool for the process of understanding and healing dis-ease. 

Homeopathy is a useful tool to peel back layers of illness, addressing the causations – even those which are unknown, because we can see the totality of a person’s unique symptom picture.

It is empowering for the person using homeopathy because they begin to notice their own signs and symptoms in a new way and understand their body and soul more fully.  It supports the unfolding of their own unique journey and enables them to make active choices based on a deeper understanding.

I constantly learn more about myself, the world and all its interactions.    A wonderful sense of acceptance is developed.  

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