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During a consultation, the aim is to understand your unique pattern of reactions to stressors and susceptibility to dis-ease.  
We are all different, from our family history to our individual experiences and perceptions.

Click on the info buttons below for more information on what each consultation involves.

Please note prices increased from 1st October 2022, to stay in place for one year before review.

Pay As You Can and Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS) considered for payment/ value of services.  Please feel free to discuss options.



Initial Consultation

1 hour 30 mins       £80.00

Follow-up Consultation

1 hour        £55


Minor Ailments

25 mins      £30.00

After your consultation, you will be given or sent a remedy that best matches your whole symptom picture, to stimulate your body to begin re-balancing.

Guidance will be given about staying in touch after you have received your remedy.

The above costs includes remedies and checking in via telephone/ email regarding any queries and alterations to remedies as required for the following 4 weeks.  After 4 weeks, where required, an in-depth follow up consultation is recommended to fully assess longer term reactions and respond accordingly. 

If additional telephone calls and/or remedies are required after 4 weeks but before a follow-up consultation, these are charged at £10 each time (10-15 minutes).  It is recommended to have a full follow-up consultation before any additional remedies to ensure there is a holistic understanding of your response and to address underlying causes effectively.

Please note cancellations within 24 hours of a consultation incur a charge of £15 to cover costs already met by myself.


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