Follow-up Consultation
1 hour      £50.00

Follow-up consultations, are usually 4 - 6 weeks after your first, to assess the longer term reactions to the stimulus of the remedy. 


It is important to monitor reactions and respond as needed to the body; so after a follow-up appointment you may be given a different potency, dose, or remedy.  You are also given guidance for keeping in touch in between appointments for any indicated alterations.

The number of consultations required depends upon the individual's health, and type and duration of signs and symptoms.  

After your consultation, you will be given or sent a remedy that best matches your whole symptom picture, to stimulate your body to begin re-balancing. 


After a follow-up appointment, adjustments may be made to the potency, dose or remedy.  There may also be indications for additional support remedies, for example tissue salts regarding mineral deficiencies/absorption, bowel remedies regarding gut flora, organ support remedies and remedies for genetic predisposition.

The number of follow-up appointments required depends upon the type and duration of the symptoms and underlying health history.  Homeopathy is a tool to stimulate the process of healing - it responds to the signs and symptoms of the individual, so it is important to keep in touch.  As an example, for some people, this may mean 3 months / 3 consultations to 'undo' past illness, for others it may be longer where there is more complex or longer term illness.  

Remedy costs included in above consultation fees.

Guidance will be given about staying in touch after you have taken your remedy.


Cancellation Policy: 

Please provide as much notice as possible for cancellations or to reschedule.

Any cancellations/rescheduling within 24hrs of the appointment time incurs the full cost, as bookings cannot be given to other clients.