Minor ailments

25 mins           £25

Consultations for minor or 'acute' ailments - these are self limiting conditions such as colds, flu, aches and sprains, minor injuries and infections.  If in doubt, please ask.

You will be asked about your symptoms; how, what, where, when, what makes them better or worse, to understand your unique reaction and find the most appropriate remedy.

Including telephone consultations (for existing clients).

After your consultation, you will be given or sent a remedy that best matches your whole symptom picture, to stimulate your body to begin re-balancing.

Remedy costs included in above consultation fees.

Guidance will be given about staying in touch after you have taken your remedy.


Cancellation Policy: 

Please provide as much notice as possible for cancellations or to reschedule.

Any cancellations/rescheduling within 24hrs of the appointment time incurs the full cost, as bookings cannot be given to other clients.