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And so to resolve...

The beginning of a fresh new year can be a time to consider our lives and possibly even make a resolution or two: a firm decision to do or not to do something, or perhaps the action of solving a problem or contentious matter.

I thought it would be a good time of year to talk about the tools that homeopathy has to offer because I often find many people aren’t sure what it really is, and I used to be uncertain myself.

The term homeopathy means ‘like suffering’ so it is the philosophy of using something which can cause a dis-ease state to resolve it – bring back balance. We understand the principle in vaccinations – where a small dose of a virus is used to stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies against the virus. This is a material dose given. In homeopathy, the substance is diluted so that no material substance is left and therefore no toxic side effects are produced. Some people refer to this as an energy medicine where the whole body is stimulated to respond, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Everything has a unique vibrational resonance. And everything has it's own impact upon a organism - creating a unique set of symptoms.

So the process of homeopathy is like finding the current vibrational resonance of the person with dis-ease – the homeopath then gives the remedy with a very similar resonance to stimulate the body to re-balance. A homeopath can discover the resonance of dis-ease by carefully understanding the patterns of the symptoms the person is exhibiting – physically, mentally and emotionally. This can include the what, when, why and where of symptoms, what makes them better or worse and what is unique to the individual.

Sometimes and especially in acute conditions such as coughs and colds, it is quite a speedy process to understand the characteristic patterns of the dis-ease and match them to a remedy for quick relief and healing.

Where conditions are more long standing or linked to hereditary issues, the homeopath carefully builds a timeline of health patterns and considers many aspects including any maintaining causes (such as diet and lifestyle), genetic history, individual susceptibilities and mental and emotional experiences.

The following remedy prescription will be based on what is uppermost and most characteristic. Here are a few possibilities;

- if the presenting symptoms are clear and characteristic, a remedy is given to match this (matching the ‘constitution’ of the person). Different potencies and doses are available to stimulate the body just enough for a gentle healing response.

- where the body is struggling to eliminate toxins, remedies may be given to assist the body to detox, these will vary depending upon the indicated symptoms and can range from gut microbiome remedies to balance gut flora, to remedies that support specific organs to work efficiently.

- symptoms may highlight a deficiency in the body - here ‘tissue salts’ can be given which are the tissue salts naturally absorbed in the body and these are given in the same potency they are absorbed in.

- sometimes there is an indication for a remedy to clear issues passed on from previous generations. As a human race we have evolved in certain ways and have experienced certain disease patterns along the way – there has been much study on evolution of diseases and the symptoms which may linger on if they were not previously resolved.

Usually the resolution of symptoms is a process and the symptoms heal in the same order they were created, as the layers are unravelled and the individual feels a greater sense of connection to self and purpose.

If you have any questions about homeopathy or want to know more about the homeopathic consultation process, please either look for further details on my website or contact me. I am happy to be able to meet people for a free 20 minute discussion about homeopathy for them to see if they think it will meet their needs.

Wishing you with love, a wonderful and healthy 2019.

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