Changing world: changing perceptions

There is currently lots of uncertainty and division on a global level. The global stage is made up of all the parts at a local level – ultimately you and I and the communities we create. At an individual level we can all choose whether to continue to feed this uncertainty and division or make changes within ourselves.

I read a Facebook post recently where an individual ‘ranted’ about people commenting on issues without qualifications in them. It made me think that there are some basic premises that we as individuals are in danger of acting without remembering, in order to fit in with the chaotic and completely fabricated structure we call society. The complex weaving of past history has certainly not made the resulting society one of ideal values. If we step back now, with what we have learned on our collective global experience as humans on this planet, what actually would we wish to base our society on? What values are the most fundamental and the most important to us?

There are lots of works, from scientific studies through to art based explorations and understandings of types and levels of development, both at an individual and evolutionary level. Extremely briefly these consider some of the aspects below;

- Shelter, food, love, connections/relationships, duty, performance/art/creation, responsibility, self-awareness, spiritual growth

- Measures of society’s success (eg economic, wellbeing and happiness)

- Physical, mental and emotional health; evolution and the corresponding development of dis-ease; germ theory through to concept of the body as an ecosystem with susceptibilities which differ and are changeable, genetics and epi-genetics, susceptibilities of individuals and the condition of the planet we inhabit.

There has been discussion about our recent period of materialism – the desire for more, bigger, better faster. Money was invented as a measure to value the physical essentials in life, ie food, clothing, shelter, and eventually luxuries, so that these could be exchanged equally. In our society where ‘success’ is measured economically, how has money (the measure) become the thing to be most valued? Perhaps this is a necessary component of the age of materialism, to focus on the need to have more physical things in order to be able to recognise that these cannot provide the mental, emotional and spiritual requirements for wholeness or wellness.

Evolutionary stages help us to learn from our mistakes. So we don’t need to look for blame for the past, because in some way, we have all been part of it. For example, ‘men’ today are not responsible for the oppression the patriarchy of yesterday may have caused; let’s not continue the same action and act oppressively. That’s not to say there is no need for change, that things are equal in society. We have recognized the problems of inequality in society, and now we need to take action to rediscover equality.

Where change can be most effective, is in individual perception.

Fundamentally there is equality - because this is a basic principle, we each need to see it, accept it and act it and then society becomes it. Every life force in every human being is equal.

Sometimes I visualise this from the beginning of time. If we imagine the vast burning mass and the big bang or the explosion, that created earth and everything on it – we all came from the same source, and every bit of energy that is now distributed throughout every living thing on earth used to be together in one burning mass. Energy is not destroyed, it changes form.

Returning to the original Facebook post; and the underlying value that we are all equal. One person’s thoughts, skills, knowledge and experience are as important as the next person’s. Just different from a different perspective, and we all need to recognise this in order to bridge the divide(s).

If every individual caught their thought, and asked themselves how this had been constructed, what past experiences am I drawing on; we would begin to understand ourselves more fully. If we can understand ourselves more fully in this way we can also see that a slight adjustment here, or a huge difference in experience there, will result in an array of similar to vastly different perceptions of life and the world. And so, we all as individuals have different perceptions of the world and we can accept the views of others. They are all valid because they all have their background stories.

At the moment in the world we are seeing evidence of extreme views and big divides and wonder how can these differences be resolved? I think that if we each take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions we will change the world and this confirms the premise that every individual matters – which surely would be a value worth underpinning our society? Maybe we find ourselves thinking ‘that’s all very well – me changing, what about everyone else, they need to change too’. A good place to start to investigate why we might think in this way! Have we experienced a sense of unfairness, of missing out? Perhaps even ‘I do the best I can, but nobody else does, they’re all trying to get the most they can’. Have we lost our sense of trust? Are we ourselves competing, comparing ourselves to others? What is the basis for the comparison? Are we focused on amount of money, material possessions? What are our fears? When we really strip back to the fundamental values, we clear the clutter of the fabrications of ‘society’.

So how about bridging the gap between extreme views? Let’s take the issue of climate change – a huge issue which incorporates all the aspects of how we have lived in the past. The Facebook post I read was referring to people who are calling for rapid change – in particular asking for consideration of the way we produce and eat food and the potential for negative impact upon the planet. So considering issues such as organic farming, GMOs, intensive farming, and the way we eat eg vegetarian, omnivorous or veganism and the effects of all of this upon the planet (and people).

There are inevitably groups of people with a deep vested interest in the current system. How much people have invested in time, money, emotions and belief, impacts upon how readily they can adapt or make changes. There are fears relating to change, including the costs; financial, mental and emotional.

On the opposite side there are those calling for others to make huge changes. Here too there are fears, maybe of extinction of species, the destruction of the planet, possibly aspects of collective guilt, a desire for collective action and differing amounts of righteousness and desire for control.

And so both sides have different perceptions of the same issues. How can they be resolved? If each side (and all of us are placed somewhere on a sliding scale) takes the time to understand their own feelings of injustice, fear, and competition, accept them (and by default this involves accepting the feelings of injustice, fear and competition of others), and then resolve what we would like a society to be based upon, we will be actively creating fairness, security and co-operation.

It’s not an immediate solution, it’s a process, as is everything else on earth.

So what has any of this got to do with homeopathy? Homeopathy is based upon the premise that every individual lives, experiences and inputs into the world in a unique way. There is no judgement. From our personal history to our family history, physically, mentally and emotionally we are all different. Homeopathy seeks to understand the whole individual, their susceptibilities, their patterns, responses and reactions. In seeking to understand this uniqueness, the individual has opportunity to reflect upon who they are and sometimes connections become apparent to them that allow them to understand themselves more deeply. Homeopathic remedies provide a stimulus for the body to respond even further by matching the totality of symptoms with the totality or resonance of a natural substance.

Every living thing has a unique vibrational resonance. Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body or life force to strengthen its resonance and resolve symptoms; find balance.

My personal experience of homeopathic remedies has been of an increasing awareness of myself, and a personal development much deeper than the simultaneous effect upon physical symptoms. It is as if my perceptions of the world have broadened every time I have received a remedy. The wider my perception, the more I understand and accept not only myself but others.

Of course there are lots of ways to understand your-self, meditation having immense potential. Where I see great value in homeopathy is when we are stuck, and we all get stuck because this is where we have the most difficult hurdles to unravel but potentially the most benefit to gain. The signs of being stuck are our physical, mental and emotional symptoms that are long-term or recurring.

So the next time you notice a recurring symptom (including a thought) you may have either shrugged off, or be concerned about, give some consideration to what is happening in your body (physically, mentally and emotionally) – you are helping to change the world!

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