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Make the most of sleep!

Sleep science

Did you know that sleep loss can never be fully recovered… even though sleep time is far longer on a recovery night (10-12 hours rather than 8 hours)?

Sleep enriches so many functions, from blood pressure to memory, creativity and even food choices!

All 5 stages of sleep (in a 90 minute cycle) are crucial for the different brain waves occurring, for immune system function; developing neural connections; processing information; consolidating memory and clearing debris in the brain.

So here are some top tips from a recent seminar by Lambert’s nutritionists to get the most out of your sleep:

1. Set a regular slot every morning to get at least 30 minutes daylight outside (within 1-2 hours of waking) to help set your circadian rhythm. (Remember circadian rhythm also regulates peristalsis – controlling bowel movements - so giving attention to your circadian rhythm can aid symptoms of IBS, Crohn’s, Ulcerative colitis and reflux).

2. Set a strong circadian rhythm by giving the same cues to the brain at the same time every day (light, dark, exercise, food, social interaction, etc). To create pitch black in the bedroom, use blackout blinds, night eye shield, no electrical lights.

3. 2 – 4 hours before bed start ‘blue- blocking’ (blocking out blue light):

- Use a blue-blocking app for all devices

- Dim lighting in evenings

- Switch to low-blue, amber coloured lights

- Use blue blocking glasses for trips to fridge, bathroom or watching TV.

4. Improve parasympathetic drive (responsible for body’s functioning while at rest, so crucial for maintenance and repair). Rest is the first phase of sleep and involves alpha waves in the brain to prepare for the next stage with Theta waves.

- meditation, breath awareness, yoga, reading to support the rest phase for optimum body function.

- you might like to try guided meditations or apps (Insight timer; Stop, think, breathe)

- set a bedtime ritual for the brain to recognise.

5. Cool down; open windows, use quiet fans, hot baths to reduce core body temperature.

16 – 20 ⁰C (60-68F) is considered the optimal temperature range to help facilitate the decrease in core body temperature that in turn initiates sleep.

6. Silence your environment (consider using ear plugs).

Homeopathy can help with sleep issues… for more information and tips for potential remedy choices read homeopathy for sleep.

Any questions? Please get in touch…

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